Who hasn’t played Mario?

I don’t even have to ask if you have ever played Mario. Maybe you haven’t if you happen to be 100 years old, but still I wouldn’t bet my money on that. Mario is a game made by Nintendo and it is most certainly one of the most popular game in the gaming industry.

In this article I want to talk about Mario Forever, a game produced by Buziol Games and it’s actually remake of the well-known game Mario produced by Nintendo, but it is an improved game with a better graphic and sound.

The user interface is friendly and pretty simple with three basic commands: start, options and quit. The game has as the main character Mario, an Italian American guy, a nice, short guy with a mustache who is originally from the Mushroom Kingdom. This guy risks his life in order to save the beautiful princess, Peach that is hold prisoner by the strong dragon, Koopa, a dragon that also threatens the whole world.

Maybe the mushroom have a fault, or all the coins that Mario manages to collect during the entire game whenever he has the opportunity, or simple the fact that he hope he will impress the beautiful princess – whatever the real reason is, one thing is certain: Mario will go through fire in order to save Peach, so adventure and mystery will not miss from this amazing, fun game. Better check out special tips to have an easy gameplay and get top information from the guide that the game offers you.

Even though at the moment we are used with 3D graphic and Mario Forever has a 2D graphic, simple, yet full of colors, it’s a good graphic for this type of game. Actually, it would be pretty weird for me to play with Mario having a perfect graphic. The beauty of this game is actually the fact that it reminds me of my childhood because I will admit without being ashamed that I played this game dozens of times. It is pretty impossible that during that to not gain the experience that you need to have the wanted results.

Once you start to play this game it will be harder for you to quit, you will actually become one with Mario and you will do everything in your power to save the damn princess. And even though at first this game will give you the impression that it’s pink and sweet, once you level up you will see that difficulty is another characteristic of this game.

I don’t have to tell you how awesome and fun this game is because I am sure that all of you know, or at least know the first version of the game. If you haven’t played yet this version, I totally suggest to try it. Live your childhood with new Mario.